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Sarah L. Keys, J.D., M.A.

Sarah L. Keys, J.D., M.A.

The entire Cardan Capital Partners team is pleased to share that co-founding partner Sarah Keys recently completed the Charles Schwab Executive Leadership Program, an exclusive and competitive one-year program designed for management personnel within investment advisory (RIA) firms.

The program combines academic instruction from faculty at some of the United States’ top graduate schools, one-on-one executive coaching and workshops imparting deep industry experience from Schwab Advisor Services™. Participants meet weekly for peer-discussion and also can tap into online learning, in-person coaching and an array of events. Students focus on developing skills in the arenas of positive leadership, innovation, talent management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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Sarah serves on the advisory board of the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum. Find out how this dynamic and highly collaborative community aims squarely at helping senior business executives across the state become “heart-level leaders.”

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