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Red Notice is nonfiction page turner written by Bill Browder, an American-born British financier turned political activist who founded Hermitage Capital Management, the first significant foreign investor in Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

In an account that reads like a movie plot, he describes the wild west of doing business in Russia, how he ultimately became a target of powerful political forces by exposing endemic corruption, and how he was eventually forced to flee the country.   In the process, a brave and idealistic member of his Russian legal team, Sergei Magnitsky, was unjustly arrested, tortured, denied proper medical access and died in prison.   While still facing ongoing Russian legal action and intimidation, Browder dedicated his life to gaining justice for Sergei.  For years he lobbied the US Congress to punish the individuals responsible for Sergei’s death and in 2013 succeeded with passage of the “Magnitsky Act”  – a law punishing Russian human rights violators.   Putin famously retaliated with a law that bans Americans from adopting Russian orphans.

A financial caper, a crime thriller, and a political crusade, Red Notice is the story of one man taking on overpowering odds to change the world.



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