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Our Process

An academic and analytical approach to planning informs the portfolios we build

Our in-depth approach to financial planning enables us to construct an investment strategy based on thorough understanding of each client’s objectives, lifestyle and future plans. We implement each strategy through customized portfolios dynamically managed to preserve and grow wealth through all market environments and over the long term.

Your Personal CFO

Cardan provides ongoing consultation and advice. We can address virtually all aspects of our clients’ financial lives. This is a key aspect of our value proposition. As an independent firm, we are able to connect our clients with an array of strategic partners, including lawyers, accountants and specialists in insurance and real estate. We work closely with our clients’ other trusted advisors to ensure our advice is proactive, timely and fully integrated with our clients’ larger life plans.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Through our trust-based relationships, we learn about each client’s “investment personality” and risk profile. Before providing investment recommendations or advice to our clients, we conduct a comprehensive financial review.


Through a series of meetings, we develop a complete understanding of your goals, priorities and preferences.


In addition to investment statements, we review wills and trusts, insurance coverage, your tax situation, debt and other personal and business assets.


We also collaborate with the other professionals in your trusted advisor network, including attorneys, accountants and estate planners, among others.


We discuss your goals for your family and for philanthropic giving.

This holistic approach enables us to develop a personalized, integrated financial plan that is both robust and comprehensive.

The plan we develop for you serves as a solid foundation for your investment portfolio – which will be designed to address your daily lifestyle issues while working to strengthen your overall, long-term financial position.

We continually measure progress toward your financial goals, making dynamic modifications, as warranted, to address ongoing changes in the markets and your personal circumstances. Periodically, and any time major changes are considered, we will conduct a formal review of your plan.


Investment management is at the core of our services. Our team has extensive experience managing money in bull and bear markets. We believe mitigating downside risk through a disciplined investment process is the key to growing wealth over the long term. Equally, we recognize that each client has different needs and unique circumstances.

We employ a three-pronged approach to asset allocation and investment selection, incorporating fundamental, technical and economic analysis to craft a customized strategy for each client.

The core of our client portfolios is invested according to our own independent research and quantitative models. We also take into consideration research from across the major Wall Street investment firms, third-party independent research providers, business news and financial publications. As such, we are truly independent in our thinking and not bound by the restrictive view of any one investment firm.

We recognize that investment performance is largely driven by asset allocation rather than individual investment selection. We, therefore, seek to reduce both costs and tax friction while increasing the ability to proactively anticipate market changes by utilizing exchange traded funds (ETFs) in all of our model portfolios.

In addition, as an independent advisory firm we offer a robust investment platform with access to a full range of best-in-class asset managers. These investments may be used to complement our core portfolios.

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